The Fifth pocket


Expect to Surprise 


The Fifth Pocket Challenge

Wear a fifth pocket for thirty days, share your experience through stories, and along the way, care for a non-profit by promoting them through your posts and pocket contents (business cards, etc.).


Wear a Fifth Pocket (your choice) for thirty days. Make the Fifth Pocket your own. 

I currently wear this Fifth Pocket, made by EOTW, but I just bought this one to test out a new manufacturer. I have curated a few designs that I like on the Shop page.  


Blog about your experience, the contents, the ridicule, and the unexpected things that you had or wish you had on hand (on an assigned day of the week, minimum 250 words). Email your blog posts to and I will post them on a scheduled basis. 

Post picture evidence of your fifth pocket (with the #thefifthpocketchallenge tag) on Facebook and Instagram (at least every other day 15 picture min.)

Recruit one other person to take The Fifth Pocket Challenge.


I'd like for each Fifth Pocketer to raise awareness for a charity of their choice, carrying material/business cards/information about that charity in their Fifth Pocket. Each blog post will end with a shout out to the aforementioned charity. Obscure charities that need promo only (no Red Cross, etc.).

If you complete the challenge, you may be awarded with a Fifth Pocket patch and entered into a raffle to receive a free Fifth Pocket. To be developed.  

In sum, this is a challenge to use a Fifth Pocket for 30 days and experiment with new ways to be an unexpected help or source of fun for people around you. Get creative, expect to surprise. 



This is not about the fifth pocket originally made for pocket watches, nor is this the fifth pocket that Zippo references to sell their lighters - this is a new way to understand the Fifth Pocket.

I am Daniel Stidham, and I have been wearing a Fifth Pocket for about 2 years. Most people call my Fifth Pocket a "fanny pack." I take issue with this name because I normally wear it on the front. A waist bag or tummy pack seemed to lack the power of what it provided. When I try to describe the usefulness of my extra storage to people, I lacked a term to capture why it's different than all our other pockets. Most of us have pants or jeans that have four standard pockets - but I get to enjoy the use of an extra pocket, a fifth pocket, a pocket that invites creativity, spontaneity, and curiosity. My Fifth Pocket is almost always a conversation starter and a conversation carrier because many people are curious about what I put in my Fifth Pocket. As if ladies fail to remember they own purses, they are generally impressed or disturbed by my Pocket's content.

How did my Fifth Pocket journey begin? Well, I kept forgetting things I needed in my standard four pockets. Resolved to find a way to have what I needed when I needed it, I began to use a Fifth Pocket (fanny pack) I'd had for years. This was the beginning. After awhile I got accustomed to carrying more things in my Fifth Pocket. I loved the freedom of a wallet-less sitting experience. My front pockets were saved from the pressures of increasing phone sizes. I have quick access to headphones and other things I didn’t have room to carry in my other four pockets. I became a fan of the Fifth Pocket.

Soon the fifth Pocket became something more… it was opening doors for me to help people in the most unexpected ways - someone would spill something at a table near me, I'd have napkins within seconds. Someone would be wiping their glasses on their shirt, out comes my micro-fiber cloth. Someone needed gum or a mint, and I had extra to share. Someone needed a smile, so I'd give them a balloon animal bear. Someone asked for help on the side of the road, and I'd quickly pull out my business card and information to local aid organizations to show them they aren't alone. 

You see, I begin to care less and less about the Fifth Pocket and more about the little opportunities where an unexpected thing comes in handy. Expect to surprise. What will you carry in your Fifth Pocket? Take #thefifthpocketchallenge.