Potential Sewing Machine

Potential Sewing Machine


My hope is one day to start selling custom fifth pockets on this website. I need to learn how to sew first. My goal is to sell my first "Danny Pocket" by the end of the year. I am currently saving up for sewing classes (~200/class) and a sewing machine (~200 on craigslist). I hope to focus on sewing over the summer when my seminary classes are not in session. 

My even broader goal is to train people, looking for work, to sew fifth pockets. Jobs are the best way to keep people out of jail, and sewing might be a great creative and vocational outlet. 

I hope to be able to sell the fifth pockets for labor and materials (this will demand transparency). Anything that people pay over those costs will be 100% donated to a charity sponsored by fellow Fifth Pocketers. 

These are pockets with a mission. Pockets to provoke our imagination and out potential to make a difference. The Fifth Pocket is not what I want to be known, it's people. People have an image that I believe has sacred origin, and the Fifth Pocket is about bringing those images together. Or at least that's the vision. Let's expect to be surprised. 

If you'd like to contribute to this vision, I'd welcome any investment you feel led to give.